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Quiz duel „that’s eUrope“

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Quiz duel „that’s eUrope“
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Hello and welcome!

Soon our quiz will start with interesting but also very tricky questions about Europe and the EU. After the start you have seven minutes to get to know your opponent in a chat. Now choose a moderator for the entries in the chat and the answers in the following quiz duel. For each question you have 40 seconds to vote and give your moderator an answer. The team with the most points at the end of the quiz duel will be included in our pool with all winning teams of this round. If points are tie, both teams move into this pool. In August 2021 we will then draw three winning teams from this group who will receive our non-cash prizes.

The team of Bürger Europas e.V. wishes you lots of fun and success with the quiz duel and thanks the Federal Foreign Office for supporting this project!

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    Quiz duel „that’s eUrope“
    The team of Bürger Europas e.V. thanks both teams for actively participating in the quiz duel! We hope our Europe quiz was informative and entertaining.

    We would like to thank the Foreign Office very much for the financial support of this project.